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Information about the company:

The SPP POLYMER company began its activities in 2019, taking a focus on the organization of high-tech production of polymer composite compounds that meet all quality standards. The origins of the company are people who have rich experience in the development of composite polymer materials, which allowed us to rise to a high level of development from the first days of our company and take strong positions in the polymer industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Polymeric composite materials have a unique set of physical and mechanical properties that have no analogues among traditional polymeric materials. The combination of high strength with low specific gravity ensures their use in various fields, such as medical, chemical, food and construction industries, metallurgy, mechanical engineering, automotive, aircraft construction, etc.



Our company employs experienced professionals who are constantly ready to constantly improve the quality of products and meet any needs of the client!

Many years of experience of the latest exclusive equipment and specialists allow us to solve individual technological problems and introduce the latest innovations in the Uzbek market.

Our personal laboratory, equipped with high-quality equipment, allows you to develop unique compositional compositions at the most affordable prices, taking into account the wishes of the customer for any field of activity!

The production base of SPP POLYMER is located in Tashkent region.


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