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Fillers and additives

Fillers and additives

The plastics industry, like many other industries, is constantly evolving and requires new polymer-based materials. Moreover, one of the main indicators and requirements for modern plastics is high economic efficiency, that is, the lowest possible cost with satisfactory characteristics. The material must have in one or another combination good thermal and strength characteristics, recyclability, special properties required in specific cases, for example, electrical conductivity, and at the same time be relatively cheap.

The question of reducing the cost of the polymer, as well as giving it some properties, is solved in the modern industry by fillers. These are simple and complex substances of various chemical nature and physical form, which can be added to plastic in a sufficiently large amount (several percent or more). Today, hundreds of types of fillers for plastics are used.



Calcium carbonate (chalk additive) for polyolefins

Talk to polyolefins (chalk additive)


Chalk additives are widely used to reduce production costs and improve the quality characteristics of products: smooth surface, heat resistance, strength, hardness, rigidity, and most importantly, increases the specific weight of products.


– Reduction of the cost of finished products;

– Increase in equipment performance;

– Reducing equipment wear and tear;

– Reducing the fragility of the finished product;

– Improvement of the index of bending strength, rigidity of the finished product;

– Improving the tactile qualities of the finished product;

– Improvement of anti-tearing properties of tapes, threads.

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