Manufacturing plastic tableware – Compound

Manufacturing plastic tableware


Production of plastic dishes

Not only the cost of production depends on the correct choice of materials, but whether it will reach the buyer at all, because the sanitary station strictly assesses not only compliance with the norms of the technological process, but also the quality of the raw material base.

Plastic dishes are certified as a product in contact with food, therefore, only primary plastic is suitable as a raw material base for its production. That is, the option of raw materials made from recycled “plastic waste” – used bottles, packages, cups cannot be considered even as a temporary alternative.


What are plastic dishes made of?

Granulate – translucent plastic granules of polystyrene, polyethylene or polypropylene, 2-5 mm in size.

Plastic dishes have a number of advantages. It is comfortable, hygienic, practical, and very inexpensive. The versatility of the material allows you to produce a wide range of products – plates, cups, cutlery, straws, stirring sticks of various colors, shapes and sizes. If necessary, you can apply a logo or a bright drawing.


Polymer compounds and additives from the SPP Polymer company intended for the production of plastic dishes are of guaranteed quality, all of its parameters strictly correspond to the declared characteristics, and the granules are thoroughly analyzed in laboratories.

In addition, our specialists always select an individual approach to each of our clients.

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