Production of electrical materials – Compound

Production of electrical materials


Production of electrical materials

SPP Polymer company develops, manufactures and sells polymer compounds for the electrical market of Uzbekistan and the CIS.

To maintain the quality of products, the company not only invests heavily in equipping the production base with modern equipment, but also carries out multi-stage quality control.

Plastic parts for electrical engineering have the following positive characteristics:

– relatively high mechanical properties, sufficient for the manufacture of products that are not subjected to significant dynamic loads;

– good electrical insulation properties, which allows them to be used as dielectrics;

– high corrosion resistance;

– high chemical resistance;

– low hygroscopicity;

– lightness (the density of plastics is usually 900… 1800 kg / m2);

– wide range of friction coefficients and high abrasion resistance;

– good optical properties and transparency.

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