Суперконцентраты, мастербатчи (masterbatch) в Ташкенте

Super concentrates and masterbatches

Superconcentrates are dispersions of pigments in substances that are easily combined with the colored polymer.

In other words, when using a super concentrate, an already dispersed dye powder is introduced into the polymer volume. During processing, the particles of the coloring substance will be easily and evenly distributed throughout the entire volume of the future product, without sticking together or settling in the lower part of the material cylinder.

In the name of super concentrates, the prefix “super” means a high content of dye powder in the dye mass (up to 90%).
At the same time, along with super concentrates, there are simply dye concentrates that contain up to 70% of the pigment in their composition.
Manufacturers of plastic products are more profitable to deal with super concentrates, as due to the high content of pigment, their production costs are much lower.


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